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Thread: Hi, a few questions about memberships to ACF/FIDE

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    Currently playing at Hobsons Bay chess club where the tournaments are the best value in the state!


    Quote Originally Posted by HydraTED View Post

    You are legally entitled to believe that, but in no other way are you entitled at this time. There is no moral or rational entitlement to a misinformed opinion.
    I cannot believe that you actually said this on Ozchess. Unbelievable.
    Ozchess died on the 7/4/2013- killed by Gatekeepers

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    Quote Originally Posted by george View Post
    Hi Mr Firegoat7,

    Because I am a moderator (doh). I did not moderate because of anything you said about ACF. I cut out the bit where you were abusive towards me.
    Yeah cut his balls out George ha haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firegoat7 View Post
    Why does George have moderating powers anyway?
    I thank the dishonourable member for the question. The answer is that george was elected as a moderator in a by-election in 2014. You voted for him. Although his term expired at the end of 2014 together with that of all the other moderators at that time, Just2Good has failed to commission fresh elections which are now almost four years overdue, and as a result those elected in 2014 have simply retained their powers.
    Note: I have poster antichrist on ignore. On no account should anyone assume that I agree with, or am unable to refute, any comment by poster antichrist, simply because I have not responded to it. Chances are I have not even seen it. (NB Quoting posts by antichrist to try to get around this issue will mostly be ineffective). I am also sometimes denied the ability of reply to false accusations in the shoutbox.

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